Make sure you've purchased all of the required parts before beginning.
  1. Connect the CAN1 plug on the OBD-II cable to the 12-pin header labeled CAN1 on the Network Shield. Make sure the 2 wires line up with the CANH and CANL labels on the board as well.
  2. Connect the CAN2-1 plug on the OBD-II cable to the 12-pin header labeled CAN2 on the Network Shield.
Install the OBD-II cable with the wires closer to the board's center.
  1. Connect the female end of the power jumper to pin 1 of JP4. Connect the male end to 5vo on the POWER connector.
Connect the power jumper from pin 1 of JP4 to 5vo.

At this point, the reader should be completely functional.

There are a few optional paths at this point:

If you want wireless support, now is the time to add a Bluetooth module. We have setup instructions for the SparkFun BlueSMiRF.

Without an enclosure, the VI is at risk of static shock damage and strain damage in the event of a drop. There are instructions for an optional plastic enclosure

If you want to power the VI from the vehicle, that's possible with some extra wiring.

Otherwise, continue on to final assembly.