Make sure you've purchased all of the required parts before beginning.
  1. Cut a length of wire, 2" to 3" long.
  2. Strip about an 1/8" on both ends.
  3. Crimp a female pin to one end and a male to the other.
Power jumper parts
Crimped power jumper wire

Put a 1x1 housing on the female end.

If not building the enclosure:

Put a 1x1 housing on the male end, too.

If building the enclosure:

Put shrink tubing on the male end, enough to cover a bit of the insulation and most of the crimp pin that will not actually get pushed into the socket. Put a bend in the crimp pin about halfway between the pin and the wire, otherwise it won't fit in the enclosure. Rather than a single 90 degree bend, put in two bends of 45 degrees. Don't make either of those bends on the skinny pin, put them both on the thicker body of the crimp pin.

The reason for this is that a plastic housing will be too tall to fit inside the recommended case.

Bend the power jumper after shrink tubing to fit in the enclosure.

Next, complete the electrical wiring.