Make sure you've purchased all of the required parts before beginning.
  1. Connect each of the CAN1, CAN2-1 and CAN2-2 wire pairs (see the table above) to one crimp pin housing each. There should be three crimp housings with two wires connected to each. The + in pin 1 and - in pin 3 (you'll see in the schematic below that pins 2 and 4 will also work fine).
  2. Optionally, make and attach small labels for CAN1, CAN2-1, CAN2-2 and three -+'s to make sure you get the orientation correct.
Excerpt of the chipKIT Network Shield Schematic: CAN transceiver connections
Attached crimp housings with labels

Slide the shrink tubing and center it on the end of the insulation. Bend the red/black power wires and tuck them between the shrink tubing and main cable insulation. Leave the loop accessible to allow us to pull them free in the future. With a heat gun or lighter, shrink the tubing. If you don't have shrink tubing, wrap some electrical tape around the end to keep the loose wires held down.

A completed OBD-II cable

After attaching the crimp housings, add the power jumper.