Make sure you've purchased all of the required parts before beginning.

If you are using the recommended PacTec enclosure, it requires a few modifications.

  1. Remove the four existing raised screw sockets from the inside bottom of enclosure. A pair of angle cutters should do the trick.
  2. While holding the chipKIT on the enclosure's lower half, use a pen to mark where the new mounting holes should go. They are asymmetrical, so they definitely won't line up with the existing holes. Remove the chipKIT and drill four new screw holes in the bottom of the enclosure.
Clipping off the existing raised screw sockets. The empty enclosure with new mounting holes drilled.
  1. Put screws into the 4 holes from below the enclosure. Place the enclosure down on a table so the screws are kept in place while you insert the chipKIT.
  2. Mount the Network Shield on the Max32.
  3. Fit the Max32 onto the 4 screws. Again, the mounting holes are asymmetrical, so it should only fit one way.
  4. Screw round stand-offs onto the screws. Tighten by holding stand-offs with needle-nose pliers while tightening the other side with a screwdriver. Be careful on the two screws nearest the Ethernet port - these don't have much support, and the Network Shield could be damaged by over tightening.
chipKIT rear with mounting screws
chipKIT front with mounting screws
  1. Using the template, drill a hole for the OBD-II cable.
  2. Trim the OBD-II cable hole and shape it with a round file.
  3. Using the template, drill out and shape the hole for the USB cable using a straight file.

Slide the grommet to about where the front plate will be. Put the front plate on the grommet. Lay the cable flat on the outside of the Ethernet jack. Bend the cable between the standoff and the power connector, being careful to put as little strain as possible on the small wires of the 2x6 connectors. Push the front plate into place.

Front plate and cable grommet installation.
  1. Put the back plate into place and attach the top of the enclosure.
  2. Secure the enclosure with the two screws.
  3. Affix the four rubber feet to the underside just to the outside of the four mounting screws. (This will prevent scratches from the exposed screws.)
  4. Attach the hook-side Velcro to the underside, leaving the enclosure screws accessible.