If you've assembled the Bluetooth module and flashed with a firmware, but you aren't receiving any data on your Android device, try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Confirm that the BlueSMiRF status light is green when your Android device connects to the device. In the OpenXC Enabler, you should see a BluetoothVehicleDataSource listed under Sources, and its socket should not be null.
  • Double check the pins on the chipKIT side - they're very close together so look from above and make sure they are in the correct numbered holes.
  • Double check the pins on the BlueSMiRF side - make the Rx and Tx aren't flipped, and the same for CTS/RTS.
  • Confirm the baud rate of the RN-42 is correct - double check in the PIC32 UART platform docs to find the correct rate.
  • Finally, take a picture of your setup and post a link in the Google Group
    • sometimes another pair of eyes can catch those really tricky problems.